Even more reasons to laugh at me in France.

Hello lovely people. So it’s been a week since my last blog entry, and so many things have happened this week I’ve actually been keeping a list..

Where do I start? Well my beginning-of-the-week shop went wrong, as the conveyer belt progressed forward my bottle of milk fell off onto the floor and went all frothy so I had to run like a madwoman through the huge supermarket to get another. My French debit card then got rejected when I went to pay for some reason, and my shop costed 20,14€ but I only had 20€ in cash so instead of saying to the cashier to take one of the items out of my shop, I decided to stand there and panic instead. 14 cents yet my brain stopped working, everyone in the queue was looking at me as if to say ‘what is this stupid English girl doing, why doesn’t she just take one of the things out of her shop??’ but that would be too simple for my overcomplicating brain, so instead an angry woman in the queue gave me 14 cents and when I thanked her “merci beaucoup, c’est très gentil” “merci bien” etc she just ignored me, cool.

Things started to pick up as I was on the tram later on and a man playing an accordion and wearing a gold glittery hat got on, soooooo French. Me and Claire being typical Brits abroad, just stared at him in awe, whereas everyone else ignored him. Then on the tram back from town later on, an old man heard me speaking English (oops) and said “you’re American??” umm no actually, does my Southern English accent really sound that American?? Then he proceeded to speak to me in English, progressing on into French, and then Italian when I said I spoke Italian too but then German, Chinese and Arabic? I cannot for the life of me explain what was going on, but he was talking about the war..?.. whilst showering me in his spit in the process, before an ‘au revoir’ and getting off the tram. Surreal. But to elderly French people, English (or American..) girls seems to be fascinating.

A big group of us went to watch Bridget Jones Baby in French and it was beyond funny, and I actually understood most of the French in the film which felt so so good. I made an extra effort to laugh really loud on all the funny bits just to prove to everyone around that yes, English people can understand French (I definitely have an inferiority complex).

Funnier things continued to happen throughout the week, I have discovered that when I’m sitting reading quietly in my room, I can hear the person in the room above me weeing, mmm such good soundproofing in Résidence Berlioz. Also, someone tried to get into my room with their keys?? I was sat on my bed like ok this is it, I’m agoner, then they realized they had the wrong room.. we’ve been here 6 weeks yet they still thought my room was theirs. Also, the Résidence decided to turn the heating on this week (I still can’t get mine to work though haha) because the temperature plummeted from 17-20ish degrees Celsius, to 1?? And me being me, I’ve left my woolly scarves, hat and gloves in England thinking ‘hmmm it won’t get that cold until November’ even though I live in the Alps, good one. But now the temperature has temporarily gone back up to 16… bipolar France.

I made some French friends this week which was so nice, and we are all going to go for a drink next week which I’m really excited about. I went to an ‘Integre’ event where you go and speak to other people who want to practice speaking languages too, and there’s a ‘tandem’ system where for example if you want to practice French and can help someone practice English, you’ll be paired up with a French person who wants to learn English and vice versa. It was amazing to speak French for the whole evening, although it was frustrating because when I’m nervous my mouth just goes to mush. However, I got asked later on that evening where I was from in France (bahhhh non je suis anglaise!!) and then got told that my French accent is so good that I don’t even sound remotely English when I speak French – THIS is why I love learning languages, best compliment ever.

On Friday night I went to my first rugby match here, in the Stade des Alpes which is an amazing stadium, and we watched Grenoble vs. Lyon; Grenoble lost in the end but it was still a wicked experience for my first time there – “Allez les mammouths!!”. After the match we went to a bar, and my friend knocked over my wine glass (full of vin blanc sec) so he bought me another, then as he gave it to me I proceeded to drop it straight away, absolute mare. So I left the bar and went next door to buy a taco out of sympathy for myself, as you do. Having a taco sober is actually just as enjoyable as having one while intoxicated, because Grenoble tacos are just THAT good. Southampton’s kebab shops need to up their game without a doubt. That day I had also had takeaway pizza for lunch, so basically my parents are going to have to roll me home from France at the end of the year – I’ll look like Violet Beauregarde but hopefully less blue.

The week ended with a night out (sort of) where we had an absolutely class pre’s then proceeded to go outside and do loads of “parkour” – proper professional stuff here rolling on the ground and jumping on small trees – before going to the Stadium for a snowboarding garden party event or something, I don’t even know. We were all pretty bourréd and probably (most likely) looked like loonies headbanging to drum and bass but it was wicked. As always, I’m having an absolutely great time and I’m definitely laughing my time away, nothing but positive vibes here!



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