« Vis tes rêves au lieu de rêver ta vie »

-A quote which popped up on the giant screen at the Ciné Montagne event we went to, and it couldn’t be more true this year – “Live your dreams instead of dreaming your life”.

First things first I went to the bank and sorted out all of the issues I was having, no problem, helped along by the fact that that the guy behind the desk was rather dishy, but no, we couldn’t find him on Facebook. Damn.

The temperature in Grenoble has dropped and I’m pretty sure it’s only going to get colder from this point onwards, however, it’s amazing because the surrounding mountains are covered in snow and sooo beautiful. There is a definite lack of heating in French classrooms though, so I have actually been leaving my coat on in classes, I mean England has a reputation for being cold, but nuh-uh, wait until you live in the Alps. Despite that, luckily the library is looovely and warm. The library? Yes I’m proud of me too, I’ve worked there every day this week and actually enjoyed it. I mean my block’s Wi-Fi in halls has been down since Sunday evening so I don’t really have much choice but to work in the library. So in addition to the 10 days without Wi-Fi when I first moved here, I am yet again without Wi-Fi but this time I have so much work to do so it’s really quite a douleur in the arse. And when we’ve all been to complain, we’ve just been told that they have no idea when it’ll be fixed, blaaaddy useless.

Despite that douleur, my family sent me the most wonderful care package this week: baked beans, tea bags, sweets, syrup puddings, a mug cake mix and some sachets of Malteser hot chocolate. I mean I could basically feel the love oozing out as I unwrapped the package. So thank you to my lovely fam for giving me a mid-week surprise, and for helping me to avert my lack of baked beans crisis.

Last Friday evening I went to the rugby with a few others to watch FC Grenoble vs. Bordeaux Bègles – the atmosphere was amazing as the stadium was almost full. I mean Grenoble did lose, and it was by a stupid penalty in the last 5 minutes, but hey ho, my ticket was 5€ and you get some of the best seats in the house. I have to say, the Stade des Alpes is by far one of Grenoble’s greatest assets – a super nice stadium with a capacity of about 20,000 and there are regular rugby matches there which you can queue up for and buy tickets on the night – so far I’ve paid €10 and 5€ for the matches I’ve been to so you can’t really go wrong. A pint there is 5.50€ so my pint actually costed more than my ticket. I mean why do sport yourself when you can sit down and watch someone else do it, with a pint in your hand??

This week I have consumed far too many calorific and expensive but delicious coffees. ‘The French Coffee Shop’ (wow what a French name you say??) is basically heaven in the form of a coffee shop and I have spent many hours there this week. On Saturday Lily, Evie and I went there for a few hours with our French friend Morgane, and we spoke entirely in French which always feels like an accomplishment; I reaaally hope my French is improving, but even if it’s not, I’m learning more and more ‘argot’ as we go along, so now I can at least sound like a young person rather than a 60-something year old woman. I mean apparently the French we’re learning at uni in England isn’t “young enough”…

On Tuesday I nearly got electrocuted in the library – I plugged my laptop charger in and it started sparking; considering I was sat in what is probably one of the quietest areas of the library, the situation was highly stressful. I think it’s just me that all these inconvenient things seem to happen to? I mean it was funny, but imagine if I had got electrocuted and had to sit in the library looking like one of the baddies from Home Alone when Kevin gets him with the electric chair. It would not have been ideal. But either way, I had a delicious 4,50€ calzone for lunch on the same day so every cloud has a silver lining eh. The question I’m still asking myself though, is why there are no restaurants on campus that sell tacos yet!? This is something that needs to happen.

Also, despite the bad reputation that ticket inspectors on the trams have here for being general arses who are too serious for their own good, one was really pleasant the other day, he said hi, asked me how I was and then said ‘bon après midi mesdames’ to me and girls sat around me, so that was a nice surprise.

Lily and I went to the cinema here on Wednesday for an exclusive pre-release viewing of ‘Demain tout commence’ in which Omar Sy is the protagonist. This involved meeting the stars of the film and having a Q&A session with them; unfortunately the legend himself, Omar, couldn’t make it, but we got to talk to the director and the other main character in the film. It was a great night and it was so rewarding being able to understand most of the French in the film, and be part of such a cool, one-off evening. The night after, I went to Ciné Montagne in the Palais des Sports which involved a series of short films about mountain expeditions – sailing, skiing, rock-climbing and all sorts of amazing stuff; followed by interviews on stage with people from the videos. It was wicked and has made me so much more excited for the ski season. The evening was accompanied by tartiflette and the local bière blonde, yum.

I finish this blog post with something that made me very excited today – a pack of 3 freshly baked chocolate toursade pastries for just 2€, normally they’re around 5€ and considering they’re my favourite pastries, I am grinning from ear to ear right now, and scoffing my face with them as I type this, quite literally.

À tout à l’heure!


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