Get me to the slopes.

This week has been full of days in the library, and moments of realisation of how much work I actually have to plough through before Christmas. So, I only have three weeks left in Grenoble before I fly home for Christmas, and my workload could probably have been significantly smaller by now had I not mastered the art of procrastinating a good few years ago. But yes, believe it or not Erasmus students on a year abroad do get given work; yes we have fun, but also, we get quite a lot of work (especially when you’re from Southampton university and need to do a Year Abroad Project)..

Anyway, my wifi is still down – yep 12 days later and everyone has been to complain, several times, but apparently it’s not an urgent issue. Can you imagine the outrage if this happened in a halls of residence in England?? All of the other blocks in my residence have had wifi issues, but we are the only block that hasn’t had any internet access whatsoever for the past two weeks now. I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep my cool for so long, but hey, it’s France, and I need to get used to stuff like this happening. Heard of the phrase “no problem is too small or too trivial”? – here it’s “no problem is a problem because we just ignore problems”.

I haven’t had a very exciting week, but I have bought a gorgeous pair of ski goggles and I’m getting so excited for the ski season to properly start. I also tried on a few pairs of ski boots so hopefully I’ll be investing in a pair in the near future – bring on the skiing!! I’m not quite sure I can afford to invest in a pair of skis yet though.. so I’m going to investigate into hiring a pair for the season whilst I’m living in Grenoble. Maybe when I’m a pro skier with a sponsorship deal I’ll get my own skis, because you know that’s totally going to happen.

On another note, I have picked up a lot of great phrases since moving here, so I’m going to put them all beneath so that all you French speakers can join in on the fun (and those who don’t speak French, basically, you should). Lots of the phrases are from my translation classes.

Baigner dans l’huile – to go swimmingly

C’est du chinois pour moi – I can’t understand it

Rire jaune – forced laughter

Ringard – naff (my fave adjective in English ever)

Avoir la pisse – to be very unlucky

Poser une galetteto make yourself sick from drinking too much alcohol

Boire cul secto down it in one

Picolerto booze/hit the bottle

Une geule de boisa hangover

Ce n’est pas la mer à boire – it’s not all that difficult

Avoir la flemme de –  cannot be bothered to do something

Poser un lapin – to stand someone up

Ça me fait chier! – It’s annoying/a real drag

Se faire chier – to be bored out of your mind

Faire chou blanc – to hit a brick wall

Avoir la gorge nouée – to have a lump in your throat

Les petits fours – savoury appetisers (food vocab is ALWAYS important..)

Comme un fait acquis – for granted

C’est quoi se délire? – what the hell is going on?

Ça coule de source – it goes without saying

Haut les cœurs! – chin up!

Avoir l’estomac dans les talons – to be ravenous

Sauter les yeux – to be blindingly obvious


Note the alcohol-themed ones, my French friends are a bad influence… I joke, if anything it’s us Brits abroad who are the bad influences.

Anyway, I’m off to Strasbourg tomorrow for the weekend, I cannot wait to see the Christmas market! It’s a trip with the IntEGre society here which is the equivalent of an Erasmus students’ society. They’re a great society and they organize so many events for us which allow us to meet loads of people, of various nationalities, and they’re putting on the trip to Strasbourg for a really decent price. So, woo go IntEGre! Apart from the 7-hour coach journey there… I can’t wait!


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