Vin chaud and more clumsiness.

The Strasbourg Christmas markets last weekend were beautiful, and Strasbourg as a whole was a lovely city with some really great architecture that’s quite unlike that of any other city I’ve visited due to its Germanic influences. We drank a lot of vin chaud, I mean a lot, tried lots of cool food, and just had a really great time, with lots of laughter – heightened by the fact that all of us were so overtired we actually turned a bit delirious. I even managed to get some Italian practice in with the Italians who were on the trip too.. I definitely need to brush up though jeez.

So yes, Strasbourg was lovely, and I’m so so glad I went. I did live up to my reputation of clumsiness though (of course) – I went to get myself a coffee from the machine at the youth hostel’s breakfast, and I pressed what coffee I wanted, and failed to put the mug under the right section of the machine, so as I had my back to the machine, I was blissfully unaware that coffee was going all over the machine, the floor, my shoes, the table, you name it. Everyone saw the spilt coffee mess: “oh was that you Annabel?” – I mean yeah who else would it have been realistically?

The lack of sleep on the Strasbourg weekend made for a tough start to the week – I was really struggling to keep my eyes open. MY WIFI CAME BACK THOUGH. Only 15.5 days later (yes I counted, I was going stir-crazy), but most of the time it doesn’t even connect to my laptop anymore and it stays connected to my phone for only about 2 minutes at a time – nice try though France.

Despite the wifi woes and my insane overtiredness, it’s been another good week. Yes, I have been procrastinating just as much as usual, and I’ve been avoiding the library like the plague this week because I think I over-libraried (I made it up yes) when I had no wifi, and now I’m really not that eager to go back just yet. My year abroad project should be coming along more than it is, but oh well..

Anyway, on Wednesday night, Holly and I put ourselves in food heaven with pizzas and smiley faces for dinner, with a bottle of wine of course, and double caramel chocolate ice lollies for pudding. Ciara then came round too and we proceeded to spend the evening painting our nails and watching Youtube videos, oh and some episodes of Tracy Beaker – got to be done. Yeah Erasmus is cracking fun and I’m always on the go but you’ve got to unwind sometimes, and be lazy, and just eat rubbish.

On an unrelated note, on Thursday I bought a lovely chicken baguette for lunch from one of the canteens on campus and as I scanned my food card I was super clever and managed to drop said baguette. It came out of its wrapping and the chicken went everywhere – all spread across the dirty canteen floor, way to go Annabel.

Then today, we had a significantly bigger drama than that of my chicken baguette.. so today it was Holly’s chincident (pardon the pun) – she fell off her bike yesterday night and managed to split her chin open so we spent a couple of hours this afternoon in the medical centre on campus where the nurses, doctors and receptionists were actually so lovely and helpful and patient. They were really great and Holly’s chin now has about 12 steri-strips on it; she is walking around with un menton très chic. I completely sympathise because I’ve had a similar chinjury (wow these puns are on fire) before and had steri-strips on it for a week which caused a lot of laughs at school.. Holly and I then treated ourselves to some fat-off tacos, you really can’t beat ‘em (I mean I may well have mentioned tacos about 100000x already in my blogs, have you noticed?).

On the walk back from our night out last night I spoke French the whole way with some guys we met whilst walking, and also a kind guy who stopped to make sure Evie and I were safe walking home because there were some weirdos about. I get such a kick out of knowing that I’m able to hold a conversation for that long! Especially when I’m complimented on my grammar and the fact that I correct myself as I’m speaking, because I mean, I really do struggle with grammar. Anyway, better not get une trop grosse tête..

Hopefully this weekend I’ll take a trip to the Christmas market in Grenoble, and drink some more vin chaud whilst starting my Christmas shopping. And with any luck I’ll be skiing within the next couple of weeks.. à bientôt!

Ps. I’m starting to make more and more friends on my floor in halls.. resultttttt.

BUT I started speaking to one girl in French and said quite a few things then she just looked at me blankly and said ‘je ne parle pas français’ lol at least I tried.


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