More embarrassing things happened to me.. are you surprised?

The biggest piece of news is that I finally bought ski boots; I used the Christmas money from both sets of my Grandparents to buy them – so thank you Grandma, Grandad, Nana and Grandpa I’m very grateful!! The boots I ended up buying were the ones I set my heart on as soon as we arrived in the shop, so it’s absolute fate that they happened to be the ones that fitted me the best. They are beaaaautiful and so fluffy. The guy fitting them, however, kept mentioning ‘une semelle’ and Lily and I thought he had said ‘une semaine’ because his pronunciation wasn’t 100% clear and we thought why on EARTH is he mentioning ‘a week’ haha so we looked at him blankly and left him to carry on. When I saw him fitting an insole into my ski boots I realised the mistake we had made (‘une semelle’ = ‘an insole’), so I apologised to him and said we had misunderstood; he found it hilarious and said he wondered why we were looking at him as if he were an alien. Oh to be a Brit living abroad..

After my boot-fitting I bought a fluorescent green and black garish ski boot bag so I always know which one is mine – it would be quite typical of me to walk out of an airport with someone else’s ski boot bag so hopefully this is a possible crisis averted.. The shop I went to for all of this had 10% off on everything that day so my bank account thanked me for that small mercy. I’ve also rented skis for the season, but from a different shop – I paid for all of this in a day, and I am yet to pay my rent, wow my bank account hurts. At least the ski boots were a worthy investment though, I’ll keep them forever!

After that piece of news, I can pretty much sum up my last week in a series of amusing bullet points, so here goes:

  • I can hear the person in the room next to me when they pull their toilet roll off the holder in their bathroom and I can also hear them sing every time they’re in the shower, which makes me feel bad for how often they must hear me singing (ps. I don’t know their gender yet, I’ve never seen my neighbour, and their singing voice is gender-neutral lol)
  • I got a taco delivered to my room (wow.. shock) with Rich and Ciara – as always it was utter perfection in kitchen foil
  • I’m ill with a lovely snotty cold that’s been hanging around for the past week
  • I had dinner with a lovely girl in my flat (finally a friend in my flat)
  • I catastrophically failed in Monopoly when we all played it – I spent most of the game in jail and I had one property (a train station which I only received one lot of rent for £25, wow)
  • Ciara and I went on a 3 hour walk on Sunday which was beautiful and just what I needed to clear my snottiness
  • I submitted my (mediocre) work for my year abroad project deadlines and I’ve got some interview participants for my project (resulttttt)
  • I fist-pumped whilst in my own company when I realised that I had a bag of Haribo I had forgotten about (I was reaaaaally craving them, I’m not a freak I promise)
  • A bouncer at a bar said I sounded like ‘un robot’ when speaking French, I mean I wasn’t best impressed, cut me some slack, I’m TRYING
  • I battled the fruit and veg section of the supermarket without dropping anything or slipping a courgette into anyone’s basket, go me
  • I split my favourite jeans on the crotch by dancing too energetically – hopefully my moves impressed people though
  • SNOW SNOW SNOW – Grenoble finally had snowfall and it was a very decent one at that; we are due more soon, and this also means that all the surrounding ski resorts are getting loads of snow yaaayyyyyyyy!

And there we have it, another crazy and laughter-fuelled week in my year abroad.



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  1. Rosie says:

    Aaah I wish it’d hurry up and snow here in Lyon too! I can totally sympathise with the fruit and veg section of the supermarket – I always go in, don’t pick up a basket, thinking I don’t need one as all I want is a bit of fruit and veg, and immediately regret it when I’m juggling two plastic bags of fruit and assorted loose veg!


    1. Hopefully you’ll get some in the next couple of weeks! Haha I do that all the time, French supermarkets are just a nightmare for me!

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