Skiing, planned adventures, and yes, a taco.


Ok it has been too long, maybe some of you are relieved to have a break from my babbling, but for those of you who are avid fans of my babbling (most likely just my mum – mum you do like my blogs don’t you??), I’m sorry this post is a few days late.

Last Saturday – I mean a week and a half ago! – was of course spent skiing at Les Deux Alpes! The lesson I had really helped improve my technique, and I think that’ll probably be the last of the lessons I do for a few weeks at least; it’s so nice to feel that I’m improving because I absolutely adore skiing and want to look like one of those cool pros who can zoom down a mountain effortlessly (ok maybe I’ll not quite get to be a pro). Les Deux Alpes is such a great resort and we are beyond lucky to be able to go there every weekend with École de Glisse. The ski society also branches out to other resorts, so Sunday just gone, I went to Alpe d’Huez with the society – the snow wasn’t as great as it has been at Les Deux Alpes, but the resort itself was great. We skied non-stop all day and ventured out all over the town (skiing next to a road was weird) and also did some slopes through a forest which was amazing. So it was unlike any other ski resort I’ve been to before, and made for a really great day of skiing. I also took the most beautiful photo at the summit of the resort – look!!


The ski society have also got trips lined up to Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens – I’m going to try and go to all 3.. if my Erasmus fund allows it, as well as the usual trips to Deux Alpes most weekends! Honestly, Grenoble is the year-abroad destination of dreams (well as far as mainland France goes).. This weekend I’m having a little break from skiing as I decided a few days ago that I would book a last-minute trip to go and see Naomi (I haven’t seen her since October OMG)! She is spending her year abroad in Saint Quentin, a couple of hours north-east of Paris. I’m getting the train to Paris tomorrow, then taking the RER metro through Paris to another station, then I’ll hop on a train from there up to Saint Quentin.. please wish me luck, I am that panicky person on the metro that doesn’t know what she’s doing and runs over everyone’s’ toes with their suitcase.. Anyway, after a couple of days in Saint Quentin Naomi and I are then going to spend a night in a super cool hostel in Paris and do all the classic sightseeing before I then get the train back to Grenoble on Sunday evening – I’m so lucky I get to go on all of these adventures!!

In terms of the past week, I’ve been going to lectures, trying to get back into the routine of doing classwork, and I’ve also interviewed 2 members of university staff for my year abroad project. My year abroad project remains stationary, which is quite ironic because I’m writing it about road racing and cycling HA ha ha (it’s not funny, but I tried). One of my classes involves French CV and cover-letter writing, and it’s a super useful class – I now have a gleaming French CV, hire me people!

On Friday the whole group went out to London Pub, probably our favourite bar in town because it’s always full of Erasmus students, the drinks are cheap, and the music is on-point. It was a super fun night and it was, of course, followed by purchasing tacos, which Evie and I managed to drop all down ourselves – my scarf is covered in dried white garlicky sauce, YUM. But the laundrette is expensive and I forgot to put it in my most recent washload… so I’ll wear my other scarf for the time-being..

On a final note for this rather jumbled blog entry, I have booked my flights home for April! I’ve had to rearrange a few in-class tests that take place around that time, but it means I’ll be able to spend a weeklong holiday in Cornwall with my family, then have a few days at home in Wiltshire after too! That will be the next time I’ll be back in England.. blimey it feels like a long time way, but Dad is flying out to France this month to ski with me so at least I’ll get to see ¼ of my family before April!!

Adios amigos, time for me to go and have a super fun, giggle-filled long weekend in Saint Quentin//Paris with Naomi ❤


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