Half-way through semester 2 – what?!

In the past week I’ve been skiing again, TWICE – are you surprised? On Thursday I went to 7 Laux and luckily the weather was a lot better this time; beautiful sunshine all afternoon. Then on Saturday I went to 2 Alpes and the resort was practically deserted as it was changeover day (the end of English half term and the start of French half term) so Ciara and I skied non-stop all day and I have to say it has been the best day of this ski season so far, and I’m not sure any other days will outdo it for the rest of the season! In the morning we were lucky enough to ski on freshly-bashed pistes which was insane, the sun was shining all day, and the snow was perfect.. I’m noticing how much my skiing has improved since I’ve been here, and it feels great. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been before whilst skiing, and can’t wait for Dad to see how much I’m improved when he flies out on Friday, even though he’ll probably still ski way better than I do..


Skiing aside, Friday marked the end of the first half of semester 2 and now we have a week off – woo! Unfortunately my week off will mostly consist of classwork, revision and my year abroad project, but hopefully I’ll get a day or two of skiing in too. I cannot believe that I’m already halfway through semester 2, where on earth has the time gone? Semester 2 is flying by a lot quicker than semester 1 did, and I’m sure before I know it I’ll be moving back to England, insaaaane. I’ve been in Grenoble 5 and a half months!?

Last Saturday Ciara and I ventured out to Chateau de Vizille and took a picnic with us – it is a gorgeous castle which has a museum inside of it, and it is situated in the most amazing grounds and parkland. With the TAG (tram and bus) pass subscription that I buy monthly, this bus journey was free as it’s in the same “zone” as Grenoble, and it was only a 45 minute bus journey which was great. On Saturday night, and also Tuesday, some of us went out to Barberousse (a French gin bar!) and London Pub; probably two of the places in Grenoble with the best atmosphere for our alcohol-fuelled soirées. As always, we had loads of fun and lived up to the English Erasmus students abroad reputation, we drink everyone else under the table – although I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of..

On Wednesday night, as a late Valentines meal I was treated to gorgeous dinner at Ferme à Dédé – a typically French restaurant where we had the traditional cheese fondue, of course! This was, unbelievably, the first cheese fondue of my year abroad, and I cannot believe I haven’t tried it sooner because it was absolutely delicious. We had cheese fondue with charcuterie platters, and a side salad.. I’m obsessed with cheese so I was absolutely in my element that night and would recommend this restaurant and/or cheese fondue to any of you on a year abroad in a gastronomically cheesy (literally) city.


I’m feeling quite homesick at the moment, it’s been 7 weeks since I was last home, and I won’t be home next until mid-April – I miss my family, friends and dog like crazy! I’m lucky that Dad’s flying out to ski with me this weekend, and I also can’t wait for Ellie to visit, but as they say, there really is no place like home – Grenoble and the Alps make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, but I still miss my little countryside village in Wiltshire – and no, I am not a farmer.

To finish this blog post, I need to let you all know that I am just a few episodes away from the end of Breaking Bad, I started it a few months ago, and oh my goodness it’s getting so tense and I want to just lie in bed and binge-watch the remaining few episodes but I’m killing the temptation and getting on with transcribing my year abroad project interviews instead – lucky me!! I have now conducted 5 interviews, and have a couple more lined up, I’m cutting it quite fine though considering my draft chapter is due on March 9th, oops.

Actually, one final thing, me and the girls discovered a lovely café in Grenoble the other day, and just LOOK at how gorgeous it was – all of the treats are homemade, and so preeeetty.



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