A taste of home, without actually going home.

Hello hello bonjour!

So, what was I last babbling on about? Probably skiing. Oh, and yes I did finish Breaking Bad.

I have since been skiing again several times – Deux Alpes last Saturday was phenomenal, the resort was practically deserted because it was changeover day, so Ciara and I spent the whole day zooming down mountains in absolutely perfect conditions, and in the morning we even got to ski on a handful of freshly bashed pistes which was heavenly. I also went skiing on Wednesday but to 7 Laux which was really fun but the snow was quite mushy because of the high temperatures, and they’d had to use the snow machines on quite a few pistes which made for some interesting skiing – huge lumps of mogully powdery snow one second then straight onto sheet ice the next.

The temperature really is weird here – although it’s “winter” it’s about 16-18 degrees most days in Grenoble, we’ve only had one big snowfall in Grenoble since winter began (which was back in January) and all the surrounding ski resorts have been struggling with the conditions too – this is one of the worst years in the area snow/ski-wise for over 20 years..!

I spent all of Thursday working like a madwoman so that I got most of my work done before Dad arrived on Friday, and when he turned up in his rental car we loaded my heaps of stuff (yes I only went for 3 days..) into the car before embarking on the beautiful mountainous drive to Les Arcs. We stayed in our neighbours’ apartment which looks directly onto the pistes at Les Arcs 2000 and it was all absolutely perfect. Les Arcs was amazing and we had the best two days skiing – luckily there was a small snowfall the night we arrived which was enough to freshen up the slopes, and both days we skied we had glaring sunshine so what could have been better?! Mine and Dad’s weekend was also filled with a lot of beer, tartiflette, burgers, pizzas, crêpes and of course cheese.

On the drive back to Grenoble yesterday after leaving Les Arcs, Dad and I stopped at a service station for a coffee break and oh hell I encountered the first Turkish toilet of my year abroad. I haven’t been in one since I was a kid, and I can’t even remember the last time I felt that grossed out by walking into a public toilet. What is it with France?! So now it puts the whole “no toilet seats in France” thing into perspective and makes that issue seem not so bad after all, why do Turkish toilets still exist?? Anyway, of course I walked into the toilet and straight back out again, no matter how desperate I am, I am never weeing in a Turkish toilet. Luckily when we walked over to the nearby petrol station there were ACTUAL toilets, seatless of course but proper toilets nonetheless.

I was super upset to see Dad go, but it was amazing to have him here and to have him bring a little bit of home with him – he stuffed his suitcase full of goodies for me!

Anyway, I had a taco for lunch today after my morning lecture on Tuesday lol fattie, and I then walked back to campus in the afternoon for another lecture only for the teacher to not turn up, without having told us why or where she was – typical France hey. I got back home and started cleaning my room before Ellie’s arrival, and went to the supermarket to buy loads of yummy (junk) food for us to eat. Ellie arrived in the evening and I nearly cried when I saw her get off her airport transfer bus – the last time I saw her was in August so it was super emosh!! We cut straight to the chase and cooked pancakes for Shrove Tuesday when we got back to my residence and they were b-e-a-u-tiful! After staying up until 2am gossiping about everything that’s been going on in our lives since August we slept super well, and then hit the amazing shopping centre in Grenoble the next day. We both bought so much but clothes shops in France are way nicer than those in England so that’s a valid excuse right??

We had Bagelstein for lunch on Wednesday which was amazing, their bagels really are the food of gods. We went out Wednesday night – it was meant to be a quiet one, but of course wasn’t and we ended up in a club in town after being in Tord Boyaux for a few hours. We had such a good night though, one of my best in Grenoble for sure. I spent a lot, I drunk a lot, and then we rolled out of bed at 1pm the next day, had a McDonalds, walked up the Bastille, had a coffee and then got back home ready to do it all over again. So we cooked fajitas with the girls last night, then went out to a bar – this one was a slightly more quiet night in the way that we got the last tram home, but we did hit it hard.. especially with free shots from the barman who thought we were “sexy”. We went to bed at 4am, got up at 6am this morning then Ellie got her bus to the airport at 8am. It’s safe to say we got very excited by our reunion and absolutely didn’t stop for a rest while Ellie was in Grenoble. Best couple of days ever though!

Now back to the harsh reality of my year abroad project and my ongoing hangover..



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