Blog post 20, and counting..

Here I am, sat with a cup of peppermint tea in a Union Jack mug (the tea is in the mug, not me, oh English), listening to Ed Sheeran and pushing all my responsibilities aside like a typical Brit on a year abroad and sitting down to write this blog post. I could be working on my year abroad project, I could be finishing off the pressing essay that’s due on Wednesday (now today!!), but why would I do those things when I can sit here and channel my verbal diarrhea into another jumbled attempt at a blog post?

The past week hasn’t been that adventurous, much of a muchness – 2 tacos have been consumed, a takeaway pizza has been consumed, a lot of alcohol has been consumed, and a very small amount of sleep has been slept. What’s new?

I assure you that I haven’t only eaten a pizza and two tacos all week, when Jen came to visit from Friday to Sunday we didn’t stop eating..

Anyway, before I tell you about Jen’s visit I will talk about the rugby – I went to watch Toulon vs. Grenoble in the stadium here last Sunday and it was phenomenal. It was the busiest rugby match I’ve been to yet in Grenoble, and the tickets were more expensive than the bargain ones I’ve had before, but I still only paid 17€ for my ticket so I can’t knock it too much. Toulon are an amazing rugby team and as much as we all wanted Grenoble to win, we didn’t have much hope for them, yet the unexpected happened and the game ended in a draw which is amazing considering how much better Toulon are than Grenoble. It was a nail-biting game, Grenoble’s first try didn’t come until the last minute of the first half, and the try that then enabled us to draw with Toulon came in the last 2 minutes of the second half! The atmosphere was electric and it’s safe to say going to rugby matches here is one of my favourite things.


The stadium’s mountainous backdrop is beautiful, and especially when the sun is setting – this was at the end of the match.

Ok back to Jen!! The evening she arrived, we had a gorgeous homemade curry, with naan breads that she brought me over from England especially as they don’t sell them here (or not anywhere I’ve been…) and she treated me to 80 peppermint tea bags YAASS as I can’t find them here, oh and the all-important minion Haribo – they are my life. Jen and I had the absolute best time together and I can’t believe how quickly our time went. We had a night out with lots of others on Friday which was a lot of fun, we had a big pre drinks in Grace’s lush apartment, then we went to a bar then a club followed by a few hours sleep, then we got up the next day to explore the city centre and go shopping, before then slumping down at home in our pyjamas on Saturday night and having a good old giggle and watching movies (complete with crisps, pizza, popcorn and oreos, of course) – wild Saturday I know. We had so much to catch up on and I can’t describe how nice it was to have Jen here, and how nice it was to show her around this gorgeous city!


After waving Jen off on Sunday morning following her fleeting visit I was feeling pretty down in the dumps, and not quite ready to face the looming deadlines and prospect of exams.. so I had a sort of productive day but really not as productive as it should have been. In the afternoon I went to Grace’s apartment with Alice and we tried to smash out some of our YARPs (year abroad research projects) whilst eating biscuits and chocolate, the only way to do it really..! Grace and Alice are from my uni back home and have just moved to Grenoble for work placements so it’s fab to have them here. After our attempts at work we then made a vegetarian chilli for dinner which was absolutely delicious, complete with a bottle of wine and strawberries and cream for dessert!


After our fab fabbity fab dinner we headed over to the cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast 3D style! Of course we watched the French version: La belle et la bête, and I have to say despite how dodgy dubbed films usually are, they didn’t do such a bad job with the French dubbing in this one, and the movie’s songs put into French were actually pretty beautiful and worked nearly as well in French as they do in English. As for the film itself, it was gorgeous and I would definitely recommend that you go and see it. Worth all 9,50€ paid.. I had to pay 1€ extra for the 3D glasses that I’ll probably not even wear again, sigh.

Okay it’s now Wednesday and two days later than it was when I started writing this and I’m now eating granola with chocolate chunks in (half healthy right??) and drinking ‘Jus de fruits multivitaminé’ for breakfast, for all of you who really are so unbelievably eager to know what I’m eating and drinking (no one). Yesterday I spent the day in the library in between my lectures and actually got quite a lot done, then had a Subway for dinner oops (my first Subway in France!!). This morning I have been to the supermarket and done a massive and relatively healthy shop to spur me through more library days this week, and now I’m about to head off to the library to get my head down, fun fun fun. At times like this when I’m struggling for motivation I just think about all the fun things I have planned in the upcoming weeks, and how hard I’ll be able to party once I’ve handed in this year abroad dissertation wahey!

Thanks for reading my loves.

À plus!


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