YARP, a spontaneous ski and a few days in bed.

Yarp, you guessed it right, the blooming YARP is driving me crazy. I am however on 5400 words out of the supposed 6000 word limit and I’m on the final stretch now. I’m doing a last-minute interview for my project this afternoon so the data from that and also writing my conclusion will finish off my project – hallelujah it’ll be so nice to get it all done and dusted before going home for Easter next Thursday. Which makes me think, ONE WEEK UNTIL I GO HOME – it will have been 14 weeks since I’ve been in the good ol’ Wiltshire with my family, which is doubly as long as I’ve ever been away from home before, so yeah I guess you could say it’s been tough. I’ve got a few exams to get out of the way before I fly home, but also probably a few soirées too, so it’s not all bad haha..

On Friday night we had a massive pre-drinks at our residence because it was Arj’s 21st birthday and also someone else’s birthday so the kitchen was packed. It was so much fun and we headed straight out to Drak Art, a club that plays electro-type music and then ended up jumping on a tram home at 5.30am, killer. As you can imagine this means Saturday was rather unproductive, we were all piled on top of Evie’s bed watching a movie, and then me, Ciara and Evie cooked some loverrrrly fajitas in the evening. After a lazy Saturday, we all had Sunday to look forward to as we last-minute decided to go to Deux Alpes skiing! I had thought that my last ski of the season was a few weeks ago because the conditions aren’t tip-top anymore, but getting this one last day of skiing in was really great. The snow at the top of the resort and the glacier was about 1 foot deep and hadn’t been bashed, the snow at the middle of the resort was like an ice rink, and the snow at the lower parts of the resort was like slush – so we had a mixture of everything, and some snowfall throughout the day too! We went skiing in a massive group and it really was a fab way to end the season.

Skiing was pretty funny really, Ciara fell on one of the pistes so I careered towards her to try and retrieve her ski that had fallen off, but I got a little carried away and actually missed the ski and careered straight into Ciara in a heap on the ground. My knee took all of the impact as it fell straight against the edge of Ciara’s remaining ski, so the bruising is pretty impressive, a whole host of colours – definitely the height of fashion and exactly the look I was going for. After this I was then a bit wobbly on my skis because my knee hurt, and I skied down a piste then tried to stop in front of my friends and just toppled straight over, then couldn’t get back up again which was quite funny. Eventually when I got back up again after hopelessly trying, Evie shoved me so I toppled over again and then had the same struggle of getting up… so mean.

In the afternoon Evie had a fall on her snowboard and face-planted the snow causing her sunglasses to slide up onto her forehead and give her a literal egg slap-bang in the middle of her forehead, with a little blood blister in the center. I have never seen such an accurate representation of an egg on a human head before, it was hilarious (sorry Evie) but also with head injuries you can never be too sure of the damage so we took it carefully after that. Luckily Evie was wearing a helmet – we all wear them, and I think absolutely everyone should!! We had a random guy from Bristol uni (on a uni ski trip) boarding with us at this point because he was on his own, and let’s just say in the 20 minutes he was with us he definitely witnessed his fair share of drama hahaha poor sod! It’s so cool being able to say ‘I live in France, I come skiing here most weekends’ when you’re asked by everyone on uni trips where abouts you’ve come from, j’adore ma vie!!

On Monday I woke up feeling pretty rough, an illness of sorts has hit me out of nowhere, so I’ve had to miss some lectures this week and I’ve spent quite a lot of time in bed really! I’m just a bit exhausted, achey, I have a sore stomach, a temperature and am just generally quite feverish. I’ve probably not done the best things to aid my recovery though considering I bought a chicken tikka taco yesterday..? (It was delicious though, my taco obsession has still not weakened). Anyway, on Tuesday night there was an Erasmus event at a bar near our university residences so we had a big pre’s at a friend’s and then went to the bar – the very hot, stuffy bar, playing all of the typical Erasmus bangers, what’s new? I was drinking Ice Tea and water all night as I felt so rough and it was quite funny being the only stone-cold sober one: my first properly sober night out in Grenoble, wow I sound like an alcoholic (I’m not, I’m just…. an Erasmus student!!)


Grace and I are heading off to Alice’s tonight for a pizza, garlic bread and wine night so I am really looking forward to that and it’ll be a nice treat after having done another interview for my project later this afternoon. This interview is a very major one.. it’s with a member of parliament here who happens to be a pretty influential character in local politics so I’m pretty nervous, but wow – what an amazing opportunity I’ve been given!! This will hopefully give my project the wow factor that it really does probably need (‘really does probably’ – yes I did Eng Lit A-Level, who’d have thought it with a phrase like that?)

Also – a random interject here – I really am living the French high life, I bought pre-made ham and cheese galettes from the supermarket (thank you Naomi for your recommendation) and then fried them to heat them up and make the cheese melt, and also fried an egg to go with the galette.. now if that’s not a typical French ‘ready meal’ then I don’t know what is. They are so delicious, honestly, I LOVE pancakes/galettes.

I’ll finish sipping my cup of tea (yes I’m always drinking tea) and eating my chocolate torsade now, before changing into a more “formal” outfit for the interview I’m conducting! Thanks for reading everyone!

À bientôt 🙂

Oh and check out the amazing evening views I get from my bedroom window..




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