A reggae festival, a beer festival, oh AND I’m going home!

You’ll be pleased to know that my interview with the ex-mayor went well last week, I have 10 minutes’ worth of very enlightening data so that’s added a super-interesting element to my year abroad project (super-interesting if you’re interested in the Tour de France..). After having added that data into my project I then did a rough draft of a conclusion yesterday, so now I have my full first draft of my YARP completed – right on time for travelling back to England today wahey!

This week I have handed in an assignment, done 3 exams, sat in the sun a lot and had a great time really. At the weekend on Friday we went to a Reggae type festival here – it was a mixture of drum and bass and dancey-type reggae music but it was phenomenal; without a doubt one of my best nights here in Grenoble. I drank a lot of beer and danced like a loony all night, also got to go on a couple of my friends’ shoulders so I had a killer view of the stage. The next night we went to the Festival de la bière (beer fest!!) in Grenoble at the big sports centre here and it was great. You paid for entry which got you a cup for beer, and then you bought tokens with which you could buy all the different beers in there. There were beers from all over the world and although it was pricey it was really good fun. After we left the beer fest we inevitably ended up buying tacos.. it’s just too easy, they’re so yummy!

The next day I tried my hardest to do work but when it’s 28 degrees in Grenoble it’s hard to find motivation. The weather here is beautiful and even though it has been 28 degrees consistently for the last week or so, you can still see snow on all the surrounding mountains – every time I look up at the mountains I think about how lucky I am to be living in such a picturesque place.

So as you can see so far, despite my workload this week I still managed to have quite a lot of fun really. On Monday night after my Italian exam in the evening me, Evie and Ciara fried up loads of veg and then covered it in raclette cheese which melted and glooped all through the vegetables – we got inspiration for this from some Spanish people who did the same thing a few months back, and oh my gooooodness it was delicious. On Tuesday night me, Alice, Grace and loads of others went to Shannon Pub which is an Irish pub here and we had a few pints of cider, spoke lots of French with the Frenchies we were with – I got asked if I was half French or had any French relatives because apparently I speak French with a fully French accent – I am not boasting (am I??) but this is literally the best compliment ever to receive when you’re on a year abroad. After, some of us ended up in London Pub.. of course. London Pub was super fun and after I shared a taco with Zac – another taco? Yes.


Anyhow, after finishing my last exam before Easter yesterday afternoon I didn’t really do much for the rest of the day, and my wifi wasn’t working (shock!!). I chilled with Evie and Ciara in the evening and then had a super-duper night’s sleep before getting up today to get my stuff sorted for going home. As I type this I’m currently on the train to Lyon airport and absolutely buzzing with excitement. 14 weeks away from home and I’m finally homeward bound for a lovely 2 weeks in the UK; one week of which will be spent on a family holiday in Cornwall, lucky me!

I probably won’t post another blog post until I’m back in France in two weeks’ time so I can make the most of the days spent with my lovely family – be prepared for a big post full of talk of surfing, fish and chips, pasties, driving my car again, getting my new glasses at Specsavers etc etc oh the life of Annabel.

Oh AND on a final note, as I got on the tram to get to Grenoble train station earlier I successfully managed to roll my suitcase over not one but BOTH of someone’s feet – a really dishy guy’s feet at that, damnit. When I looked up and said my innocent “je suis désolée” he gave me the nicest smile, aw. Honestly everywhere I go I’m embarrassing myself. Another example, I got on my train today and thought I was in the right seat then of course it soon became evident that I was sat in the wrong seat, so I had to move all my stuff around as someone came along and said that I was in their seat, why is it always me?

I hope my misfortune makes you laugh, but also that my fun-packed time ahead in England makes you jealous.



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