Back in France after a smashing 2 weeks in the UK!

She’s back! This post’s a long one…

I am officially back in frog-land and ready to devour lots of tacos, baguettes, cheese and pâté.. yes I am aware that’s every single French stereotype apart from the ones that they wear stripes, berets and garlands of onion all the time. I am actually wearing a stripey top.. anyway let’s put this weird introduction to one side.. so I’M BACK after a super duper two weeks in England. As I write this I am currently sat in Lyon airport waiting for my train to Grenoble.

After landing in Heathrow two weeks ago on a Thursday evening I was more than ready to get home – Lyon airport is a shambles and the whole experience was so stressful, and in the end I thanked my lucky stars I got to the airport 3.5 hours early because on average it took everyone 3 hours to get through security; how blooming ridiculous is that? My flight took off 2 hours late, so although I arrived at Lyon airport at 2.15pm, I didn’t get back home to Wiltshire until 10.30pm ewwwww. Then I had to quickly pack my bags (not any unpacking involved – what a whirlwind!) and the next morning we set off at 7am on the 4 hour drive down to Cornwall.


So, my first week at home was spent in St.Ives in Cornwall with my fabulous family and extended family on mum’s side. Being back with my family was the best thing and I think that must’ve been my 17th time in St.Ives in my lifetime.. yes my family love it and we go (near enough) every year. It is a second home to me and I can’t explain how happy I am every time I go back. Of course being in Cornwall meant I ate lots of pasties, fish and chips, beautiful ice cream, scones with bucketloads of Rodders clotted cream and I drunk lots of cider. During the week we also had two meals out – an Italian and also a Mexican yum! Oh and how could I forget the full English cooked breakfast I had at one of the beach cafés… f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. (Below you can see the Mexican quesedilla I had, and also the cooked breakfast I had!) Food aside, the weather was absolutely beautiful – probably the best weather I’ve ever experienced down in St.Ives. It was still windy as Cornwall always is, but the sun was shining practically all week and the beaches were so peaceful. This did however mean that the surf was next to none so we attempted bodyboarding on 2 days but ended up just floating around in the sea because there were no waves whatsoever. My brother definitely got some funny GoPro footage of me and my cousins messing about in the sea (and me falling over 24/7 and creating tidal waves in the process).

Being on holiday with my two brothers and three boy cousins meant that I was pretty outnumbered but I still did find the time (and girliness) to get a hairbraid in Cornwall with Maisy, my brother’s girlfriend.. both in our twenties but still little kids at heart. So, best of both worlds when you’re one of the only girls in the family! Anyway, we all played lots of cricket, frisbee and football during the week too and it was great; turns out that the Kwik Cricket I used to play in y10 at school served me well because I didn’t do too badly waheyy – I surprised my auntie with the fact that I wasn’t totally incapable with hand-eye co-ordination.


We celebrated my little (he’s definitely not little) brother’s 18th Birthday whilst in Cornwall which was pretttyyy scary because now my brothers and I are all officially grown up. To celebrate we had a big family buffet, a fabulous cake and after we’d all eaten we headed into town to hit….. THE ARCADE. The arcade in St.Ives is literally so much fun and it’s shameful to admit but yes, I still enjoy it, in fact yes, my whole family still enjoy it (especially Grandma and Grandad when they hit up the 2p machines!!). Funny story – earlier on in the week when we’d been in the arcade as well, one of the money-exchanging machines had a malfunction, so when I put in 50p in order to get 5x10ps back to use on the 10p machine, the machine actually gave me ALL of the 10ps it was storing so I ended up with I think about £12 worth of 10ps???? How lucky am I? If only they were pound coins.. on the subject of £1 coins, the new ones in England are so groovy, in addition to the new £5 notes! Heading on up England. Does it mean I’m getting old when I get excited about the new money in England? Probably.


I LOVE my parents.

My days back home in Wiltshire after Cornwall were just as good, firstly because when I got back from Cornwall it was the first time I had seen our dog since Christmas – the reunion was emotional and she was so excited to see me it melted my heart!! I was non-stop busy and got done none of the dissertation work or revision that I was meant to be doing, but absolute yolo because I was just enjoying being back at home. Jen and I went out to Bath to celebrate her 21st Birthday and we had gorgeous tapas at La Perla (despite the Foie Gras ice cream – steer clear..) and we felt super sophisticated. I tried an espresso martini for the first time at The Cosy Club before dinner, we shared a jug of beautiful sangria whilst we ate our tapas, and then I tried a pornstar martini for the first time at Slug n Lettuce after our meal! An evening of trying new things and trying to act as though I’m more mature and capable of sophistication than I actually am. The panorama below shows just how funky the tapas restaurant was!



The next day I had a sight-test at Specsavers because yes, my eyes got worse yet again – when will they stop?? My new glasses are so lush though, I hope all you short-sighted people out there share the same excitement as me when you get a new pair of glasses. On that evening my family and I went over to our family friends’ house for our infamous curry night – shoutout to the Calders!! The curry did not disappoint, Spice of Bengal always get it right (shameless shoutout to you Spice of Bengal in Calne). We had a lovely curry night, we always do, and especially when we started to play with the old school Bop-it; I am still as useless as ever at it, especially after a few glasses of wine..

My grandparents (dad’s parents) came over on Sunday and we had a lovely time as I hadn’t seen them since Christmas either. We had a gorgeous joint of gammon and had a really nice relaxing day; it was great to be able to see both sets of Grandparents over Easter! On Monday mum and I then went shopping in Bath and I shamefully bought a lot.. but I am the queen of bargains so I did get a lot for my money. Fitting all of my new clothes back into my hand luggage suitcase to come back to France was quite amusing but anything is possible and I succeeded (after having culled quite a few clothes from the “packing” pile…).

Anyway, I have a big Italian exam tomorrow that I am so unprepared for, and I’m hoping to get my year abroad dissertation submitted by the end of this weekend, and then I’m all set – all set for 3 weeks-worth of travelling and fun!!! Bring on the fêteeeees!

Ps. I’m actually posting this the day I after I wrote it, so my Italian exam is today AGH – why am I posting a blog post when I should be preparing for an exam? I don’t know.


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