Annecy, Sassenage, heaps of yummy food, lots of money spent, and a visit from Jodie.

As I write this blog post I am sat in bed with a headache and you guessed it, a hangover. Last night was a really cool night; a party in some old abandoned and graffiti’d buildings here on the mountainside with a bunch of fabulous people. I spoke French and Italian mostly all night (well I attempted to haha). Nights like that really make me realise how lucky I have been this year to be surrounded by wonderful people from all sorts of places around the world and in Europe.

The last week has been a busy one, and the end of my Eramsus year really is coming around so fast but I’m making the most of my last moments for sure. I’ve said goodbye to some really good friends this week and it’s been so emotional but also bittersweet – promises of visiting friends in their respective countries in the future; it’s all so exciting!

So in the last week I have been to Annecy which I have to say is possibly the most beautiful place I have ever visited in France. Classically I got sunburnt, I wouldn’t be a pale British girl if I didn’t.. we ate amazing food in the sunshine, drank wine, had delicious ice cream, went on a pedalo for an hour around the lake and just genuinely had such a lovely day. I recommend Annecy and especially on a day with beautiful weather, it’s such a special town. A slideshow below of some of the photos from Annecy!

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The day after Annecy – Saturday – Jodie arrived; her flight got in 2 hours late but luckily she managed to get on one of the last buses from Lyon airport to Grenoble and she arrived here at half past midnight. Being reunited with Jodie after exactly (to the day) a year apart was so so wonderful and we started off our reunion with a lot of laughter.. for starters on the tram back from the station to mine there was a car actually parked ON the tramline so the tram was stuck – we wondered why the tram had stopped and why the driver kept edging forward about a centimetre but then stopping and getting out of the cabin.. then we saw it: a car parked on the tramline – how stupid can people be?? The next day we witnessed our next bit of amazing driving here in Grenoble, a lady driving a gorgeous Mini Cooper didn’t see huge bumps where she was driving – they were effectively bollards in the style of speed bumps, but such big bollards that you’re not actually meant to drive over them. She must’ve absolutely ruined the underneath of her Mini and to say she looked panicked would be an understatement.

We had the most gorgeous French hamburgers for lunch – this wasn’t part of the “plan” but spontaneity always wins. I recommend Le Casse Croute à Dédé to anyone who loves burgers with beautifully seasoned chips on the side (oh and we had a pint too, of course). After our burgers we wandered through town and another laughable thing happened – we bought expensive coffees at French Coffee Shop (original name I know) and I legit nearly dropped the tray with the coffees on. The drinks almost slid off the tray and into the bin (and they were 4,50€ each!!). Anyway, I managed to regain the balance on the tray at the last minute haha.

On Monday it was another bank holiday, the French do love their rest don’t they? Luckily more places were open on this bank holiday than the previous one, but not much was going on in Grenoble with its gloomy weather so we got the tram to the end of one of the lines, to a place called Sassenage. Sassenage has beautiful gorges and a waterfall hidden in its woods which happen to be part of the Vercors Parc. The place was called ‘Les Cuves de Sassenage’ and this is another recommendation for you all – what an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful place, Jodie and I were absolutely in our element (slideshow below!). After our wonderful afternoon exploring the natural beauty of the Cuves, we went to a pub – Shakesbeer – in the evening with Lily and had a few pints each. Let’s just say things escalated quickly and before I knew it I was being pushed around my residence in a Carrefour trolley and getting shouted at by one of the people who works at my residence for being so “inconsiderate” – it was only midnight and we were having fun, boohoo (equally sorry if I woken anyone up, lol). The tacos we had after Shakesbeer (Jodie loved them!!) evidently didn’t sober us up one bit..

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On Tuesday the sun finally came out in Grenoble and we went to the abandoned buildings beneath the Bastille (where the aforementioned party yesterday night was) and then on up to the Bastille where we had a beer in the sunshine. I know I always say it, and I’ll say it again, Grenoble is absolutely stunning, and I’m so proud and happy to be able to live here. Up at the Bastille you effectively get a birds-eye view of the whole city and it’s just phenomenal. Seeing as Tuesday was Evie’s 22nd Birthday, in the evening we then had celebrations, of course!! Halfway through pre drinks Jodie and I went to the supermarket to buy more beer, and Jodie tried to open one of the bottles of beer through using the cap on another bottle of beer and inevitably it resulted in an absolute beer explosion, Jodie was covered in beer hahahaha. After pre’s we headed on to La Bobine, a bar that sits at the edge of Parc Paul Mistral, it was my first time there and was great fun.

On Wednesday morning Jodie and I woke up at 8am and thought NAH TOO EARLY so fell back asleep again for a few more hours haha, honestly we walked so many steps during Jodie’s time here, we were exhausted and both watching our FitBits like hawks haha. When we eventually surfaced we went to town and into some shops, and also had some beautiful ice cream. We went to McDonalds for tea (lol) as it’s right next to the station and that is where Jodie bus was going from – what a great excuse for a McDo. After I waved Jodie off after the most amazing few days with her, I headed back home to catch up on sleep and then on Thursday I caught up on my mountain(s) of washing, 9€ later and all my washing was done.. I also had a taco for dinner with Alice (quelle surprise.. two tacos mentioned in the blog post..). I actually think I had three tacos in the past week altogether actually but just forgot to mention one of them..

Anyway, sorry for the long entry – as per – I just have too much to say every time! Only just over 2 weeks left in my beloved Grenoble and wow, time flies so quickly.


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