The interrail blues cut short by jetting off to Mallorca.

And so begins blog post number 2 in my “series” of travelling blogs. After a quick 3-day turnaround back in Wiltshire after interrailing, it was time to repack my bags and be on my merry way to Manchester.

Drama number 1: I got to Chippenham train station with plenty of time to spare, yet ‘plenty of time’ wasn’t enough when I realised I’d left my train ticket in my bedroom at home. I booked this train ticket a couple of months back and completely forgot I’d had it sent to my house, so I rocked up at the station, got onto a ticket machine, typed in my booking reference from the email and when the machine said ‘no ticket available under this reference number’ the realisation hit me slap-hard in the face that my ticket was printed.. and at home. Luckily I have superman out of costume for a dad, and he managed to drive to the station at what must’ve only been the speed of light, and he arrived 1 minute before my train arrived – so I had my ticket!! Clearly I can’t go through a day without a little bit of drama.

4 hours later – hello Manchester! I’ve only ever been to Manchester 3 times before and each of those was to go to the World Cycling Championships in the velodrome and we didn’t explore any more of Manchester than that, so it was great to finally be able to see some of Manchester. I stayed with Naomi’s family for 2 days and we had a lush time including shopping, brunching, drinking and going out in Manchester before we headed to Mallorca on the morning of July 1st (my Mum’s birthday!).

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We were in Mallorca for a week and what a gorgeous week it was in the company of Naomi and her fabulous family. I tried banana boating for the first time which was quite frankly hilarious, I went on two different inflatable obstacle courses in the sea which were even more hilarious (especially the one we did during ‘stormy’ sea conditions, you couldn’t stand up for more than 2 seconds) and we went to a water park! We spent our evenings split between Pollensa and Porta Pollensa because our luxurious villa (with a pool of course) was between the two. We also ventured out to Alcudia a couple of times during the week – for the beach and the water park. This week was the perfect relaxation after interrailing, so much so that my body decided to just give up on me and throw tonsillitis my way. I KNEW this tonsillitis was coming as I get it quite often and in Manchester all the symptoms were there.. it’s literally typical me, I have an action-packed few weeks and on the comedown from those few active weeks I get ill.

I can’t not mention the pint-sized cocktails that we had in Mallorca (shown below in the slideshow) that were the strongest cocktails we had ever tasted, and the fact that the bar staff then came over with literal frying pans full of shots for us to do, literal madness.

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Anyway, a massive thank you to Naomi’s lovely family for letting me be a Roe for the week and including me in all of their family fun! We had a great week in the lovely Mallorca. And of course I got another hair-braid like a typical white girl, I can’t help it, I just don’t want to grow up. I got a nice tan (well in my league of ‘tanning’) and am hoping to top it up even more in Sardinia in a couple of weeks. It’s so nice to finally have a bit of colour to my skin, I normally spend most of the year looking like I’ve rolled in flour.

After landing in Bristol airport it was straight back home to freshen up before heading out to the local pub for the ‘sausage and cider fest’ (so SO West country it hurts) wherein we arrived too late to get sausages so drank a pint and went back to our family friends’ to order Chinese takeaway hahaha. The next day I had work, and after work I rushed home so I could join in with the village picnic/party that was taking place in our field. It’s a cute little annual occasion with a marquee and lots of team games, and people bring their own chairs, tables and food and come and socialise for a few hours.


The day after (last Monday), mum and I drove down to Southampton to get the keys to my uni house for final year, and we moved the majority of my stuff in. The house is on a much nicer street than the one I lived on in second year, and I’m super excited to be living in such a nice house that I can girl-ify with 4 of my best friends for final year. The following day, I was reunited with Jen for the first time since Easter, which was super lovely, and we went for lunch in town. I spent Wednesday and Thursday clearing out my bedroom and managed to take 2 boxes full of stuff (my A-Level notes that I still hadn’t chucked..) down to the recycling centre, filled 2 bin bags and I also filled 2 bags full of clothes and stuff for charity.


On Friday morning, after having had my shellac manicure removed (get me being all girly) I went for a huge cooked brekkie with Katie in town which was so nice as I hadn’t seen her for ages! We chatted non-stop (like we do best). That evening I had my work’s ‘summer reception’ which was a really fun night, and then got up the next morning to help prep the house for COLLYER FEST. Yes, you’ve got it, the infamous Collyer Fest that’s famous in Wiltshire and it’s hosted right here, in our house. Ok jokes aside, Collyer Fest was basically a day of celebrating at our house for Ted’s 18th (which was in April), Mum and Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary (which was at the beginning of this month), my older brother graduating and my 21st (which is in August). We had 30 guests who were a mixture of family and great family friends and it was so nice to be surrounded by all of the people we love the most; it was a lovely day.

During Collyer Fest, I got to open a couple of my birthday presents early whilst all the family were there. Ted and Alex, my brothers, got me the most thoughtful present in the world and I couldn’t stop smiling when I opened it – a gorgeous mahogany soprano ukulele complete with carry-case and tuner (cheesiest photo in the world of it below). My brothers know how much of my life I spend playing my guitar and singing so this was a super sweet present, and very unexpected. I’m really enjoying teaching myself how to play and I’m definitely picking it up quicker thanks to the fact that I already play guitar. The other present I opened was from one set of my grandparents, and it was a lovely little navy leather Ted Baker handbag – it is gorgeous, and I feel all grown-up having a real leather handbag now!


The following day, Lia came round for a cuppa and a catch-up in the afternoon, I hadn’t seen her in soooo long. I also saw her again yesterday – we went for a hilly 2-hour walk, followed by a big fat slice of vic sponge and a drink at a little local café. It was so nice to see Lia again, she makes me laugh so much; it’s so nice to be able to come home and pick up where I left off with my best friends. It feels strange to be back home because I’ve not full-time lived at home for the last year, but strange in a good way, it’s lush to be in my bedroom again, surrounded by my family, and to have some time to actually relax a little bit before jetting off again in just under 2 weeks!


Anyway, ta-ta for now, I need to head into town for my contact lense check-up at Specsavers, isn’t my life exciting?


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